What Is Epoxy Floor Paint And Should You Epoxy Your Floor

Find Out What It Is And Whether Or Not You Should Use It On Your Garage Floor
Room with epoxy floors

It’s a great idea to look up information on epoxy floor paint for your home. It can be useful and beautiful on San Diego County homes.

In this post, you can discover what epoxy floor paint is. You can also find out whether or not you should epoxy your new garage floor (or old one).

What And Should

“Those are the two questions we need answers to first,” says Michelle.

David nods. “What is epoxy floor coating and should we epoxy our new garage floor, right?” Michelle nods back. “That’s exactly it. I mean, why epoxy floors in the first place?”

“I dunno,” shrugs David. “There has to be at least one good reason or what’s the point of even offering it? I say we look on Google. It worked when we were looking up how to fix painting mistakes on walls.”

“That,” – Michelle picks her phone up from the kitchen counter – “is a fabulous idea. Let’s go ahead and look so we don’t forget or just not do it.” She starts searching Google for answers.

Here’s what she finds and shares with David:

What Is Epoxy Floor Paint

Closeup of this type of epoxy flooring

Epoxy floor paint, or epoxy floor coating, is made of epoxide resin, polyamine hardener, and more additives. It comes as a two-part coating you mix together that seals and cures the flooring after you apply it. It’s a great way to protect your garage floor and yourself.

Epoxy Floor Paint Advantages

Patio with epoxy flooring
  1. Beautiful, high-gloss finish unmatched by any conventional paint
  2. Waterproof, mold-proof, mildew proof, practically stain-proof, chemical proof
  3. Affordable
  4. Easy installation and cleaning
  5. Low-maintenance
  6. Shock-resistant, heat-resistant
  7. Durable for 20 plus years
  8. Better traction
  9. More light due to the reflective surface

Should You Epoxy Your Garage Floor?

Epoxied garage floor

If you use your garage often, as say a workshop, epoxying it can make the experience way better.

You won’t damage it unless you pretty much try to. It’s less slippery so you won’t have to worry about falling as much. It cleans easily so spills and messes aren’t a problem.

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“It seems like a good idea so far,” says Michelle. David smiles. “I think so too! Let’s see what else this blog has on this kind of flooring before we make a decision,” he suggests.