Popular Exterior Home Colors You’ll Want To Use Right Now

These 3 Colors Are Popular Choices People In Vista Are Painting Their Home’s Exterior With
Father and daughter painting stucco walls one of the popular exterior home colors in Vista

You can be a trendsetter in your neighborhood by using one of the 3 popular exterior home colors for Vista, California. A new color can be a nice change too. 

Find these 3 great colors by continuing to read this post.

Let’s Get A One-Up On Them

“This is it, it’s finally time for the Garcia’s to pull ahead,” Jerry booms confidently.

Joanna rolls her eyes and smiles. His neighbor and best friend are in a never-ending competition to outdo each other when it comes to the look of their homes.

She just likes to keep up with current trends and if this is how it happens she won’t mind. At least Jerry’s having fun.

“Here, Joanna, take a look at these 3 popular exterior home colors and tell me which one you want.” Joanna takes his phone and starts scrolling down.

Here are the 3 colors she’ll be choosing from.

1. Shades Of White

“This is a classic look, I’m so glad it’s becoming popular again,” Joanna beams.

This color white is a popular exterior paint color for homes in Vista

White is a popular color for homes because it can match with almost any color scheme already being used. You won’t have to paint your roof, shutters, or door to get them to match with a new white exterior.

“After seeing this I already want to schedule a consultation with this painter,” Joanna says.

Another house in Vista with a white exterior

Certain shades of white can give your home a warmer tone in the sunshine and a cool, subtle glow in the moonlight.

Joanna smiles and nods in agreement as she scrolls down to the next popular exterior home color for Vista.

2. Red Tints For Your Home’s Exterior

“Thankfully it’s not barn red, just reddish hues,” Jerry points out.

Reddish stucco home painted a popular color

Ranging from lighter pink to burnt orange, houses with reddish hues are on the rise in the Vista area. There may not be too many right now but that makes it the perfect time for you to get ahead of the curve by using this popular exterior home color.

Joanna nods her head thoughtfully. A nice light red or even near-pink might be a great idea for their house as long as they use the best exterior paint.

She scrolls down to Jerry’s 3rd color choice.

3. Beiges Are Back In Style

“Now this could be the next color for our home,” Joanna says excitedly.

Beige homes in Vista

You’ll be doing so many great things by painting your home’s exterior beige. This color gives a warm, welcoming feeling to those pulling up to it. It also provides the ideal backdrop for colors like the greens of grass and other plants. They make each other stand out more and it can look amazing.

As a general rule, warmer beiges match better with reds and browns while cooler beiges tend to complement certain blues and silver.

Use complementary colors with your beige exterior so it doesn’t look too uniform and boring

What Color Will They Choose?

“What do you think dear?” Jerry asks curiously. Joanna looks at him, saying “I really like the beige. It’ll match great with our red roof, the green grass, and the different colors from the plants we have.”

Jerry’s next step is to decide if he wants to hire someone or learn the steps to painting stucco and do it himself.