You’ll Love These Pictures Of Exterior Houses Painted By Us

These Exterior Painting Ideas For Houses Are On Our Ann Arbor Client’s Homes
Reddish stucco home painted a popular color

Seeing exterior painting designs for houses is a great idea, especially if you see the ones in your area. It’s a great way to springboard your own ideas!

In this post, you can see exterior home painting pictures of projects our clients have had us do for them.

Did You See Their New Look?

“Our neighbor’s house looks wonderful,” sighs Michelle.

David nods. “Yeah, their new exterior paint job looks great. I love the new color.” Michelle sighs again. “Maybe we should paint our house’s exterior too. It’s not looking too great.” David groans. “That’s what I’ve been saying! The paint is fading and there’s definitely some minor damage.”

Michelle nods. “Yeah, and now it’ll stand out even more because of their new paint job. Let’s look up some exterior painting ideas! I’m sure we can find some photos of newly painted house exteriors in our area.”

“I’ll bet we can find some good ones on a local contractor’s website,” suggests David. “If we find some we like we may have found a painter at the same time.”

Michelle smiles. “That’s a great idea! Let’s hop on Google and see what we can find. It might also work for finding exterior house painting costs.” The couple gets to searching.

Here’s what they find:

Exterior House Painting Pictures From Local Projects

Clients in and around San Diego county hired us to help them create a beautiful look for their home’s exterior. These are a few exterior painting photos of those projects:

This shade of white is a popular exterior paint color for houses
Another house exterior painted white
Track homes in San Diego freshly painted
Gray brick exterior on house
Pavilion in a backyard also painted a popular exterior color for houses

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“So these are the colors people are using for their home exterior,” says Michelle thoughtfully. David shrugs. “Seems like it. I guess now we have to decide on a color.” Michelle nods. “And while we do that we can keep exploring their blog!”