3 Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors You’ll Love In Your Home

These Are The Colors Your Neighbors In Vista, California, And All Of San Diego County Are Using To Make Their Kitchens Look Amazing
White is one of the most popular kitchen cabinet colors

If you have an eye for design then you’ll love these latest kitchen cabinet colors. You can use them to create a fantastic new look and feel for your kitchen.

In this post, you can find out what the most popular colors for kitchen cabinets can look like. You can also see kitchen cabinet color pictures and discover why people love them.

It’s Finally Time!

“The kid has his own place and we finally have the money,” sighs Michelle happily.

David nods, staring into their kitchen. “Yep. Definitely, time to update the look. What kitchen cabinet color choices are popular in Vista, or better yet, San Diego County?”

Michelle giggles excitedly. “This feeling is amazing! Oh, yes, your question. I have the same one. I have a few in mind but I’d like to confirm them with some Google searching.”

David chuckles. “I love the way you think. While you’re looking up colors I can look up the cost to paint kitchen cabinets.”

Michelle smiles brightly and takes out her phone to start looking. David does the same with his.

Here are the kitchen cabinet color options they find:

The Most Popular Paint Colors For Kitchen Cabinets In San Diego County

Man in kitchen where he just painted the cabinets white

3 of the best kitchen cabinet colors popular in San Deigo County are shades of white, gray, and blue. Some people stick to one of these colors while others combine them. The top and bottom cabinets can be different colors or the wall and island cabinets can be.

Each of these colors works well in kitchens for distinct reasons. They all bring a different feel to the kitchen with their various looks.

White Kitchen Cabinets

Brown kitchen cabinets before painting
White kitchen cabinets after painting

White is the most popular for several reasons.

People relate the color white with ‘clean’ and ‘purity’. Both of these are necessary when handling food. Put those two together and it makes sense why white is popular.

White’s also a color you find in more modern kitchens. As more people update their kitchens white will continue to grow in popularity.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Gray recessed panel kitchen cabinets

If white isn’t for you then you may love gray!

For one, gray matches with every color. This means you can change the color of your cabinets and not have to worry about clashing with anything else in the kitchen.

Gray tends to be a more subtle color. This makes it ideal for people who don’t want too much brightness in their kitchen.

Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Blue is a popular kitchen cabinet color for San Diego

A fun kitchen cabinet color idea is to use a shade of blue!

We mostly see lighter blues in the kitchen, though sometimes we find darker shades.

Blue is a nice calming color, ideal for a busy and stressful kitchen. It’s great if you want your kitchen to have a more modern look.

Bonus Color

Stained kitchen cabinets

Many people also love stains for their wood cabinets. They range in shades from light to dark, each one showing more or less of the natural characteristics and grain.

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“You think we can DIY this project?” asks Michelle hopefully. “We could get it done much faster that way.” David shakes his head and sighs. “I doubt it, but we can at least look up the process and more information, see if we can.” Michelle smiles and starts looking for more information.