How To Touch Up Wall Paint Using The Best 7 Steps

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Using a paint brush to touch up a wall

How to touch up wall paint starts with finding the same paint and color. Then prep the space, make repairs, clean, prime, paint, and check.

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Where Did These Come From?!

“Looks like we might have to look up how to touch up wall paint,” sighs Michelle.

“Oh? Do our walls look that bad?” asks David. She waves him over and points to the marks and dings messing up the wall paint. “Looks like something’s been scraping and hitting the wall. Probably when we were rearranging the room,” says David.

Michelle sighs. “Do you think it’s something we can fix ourselves? I don’t really want to hire a contractor to come just to touch up wall paint.”

David shrugs. “It’s likely. We can look it up on Google and go from there. We’ll definitely need to know how to prepare a room for painting if we’re doing it ourselves.” Michelle nods pulls out her phone to start looking.

Here’s the process the couple finds:

7 Steps To Touching Up Wall Paint

Woman painting her bathroom
  1. Match the original paint and color on your walls
  2. Prepare the area
  3. Repair any damages to your walls
  4. Clean your walls
  5. Prime your walls
  6. Touch up your wall paint
  7. Check the touched up wall paint

More On These Steps

You have to match the original paint and color for the best job. If you can’t find the same paint you can always use the same color.

Prepping the area mostly comes down to using drop cloths and painter’s tape.

You need to fix any wall damages like water damage, holes, and dings. Painting over them can allow the damage to get worse. Damages can also make the paint crack and peel faster. You can fix most damages with some spackle and a putty knife.

Cleaning a painted wall before touching up the paint

You can clean your walls with a mixture of warm water and TSP (trisodium phosphate). It gets the dirt and oils off your walls. This helps the paint bond more strongly to the wall.

For priming and painting, it’s best to know how to paint a wall. Prepare the spots that need touching up with some primer. This is where you’ll want to turn on a fan or open some windows for ventilation.

Couple painting a wall in their home

Finally, paint your walls! You’ll want to use a brush and the right amount of paint. Make sure there isn’t too much paint on the brush. Lightly brush the paint on, starting in the middle of the area and feathering out. This means painting more lightly as you get closer to the edges.

It’s a good idea to check it during different times of the day with sunlight and artificial light at multiple angles. This way you can see how it looks at different times.

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“I think we can touch up wall paint ourselves once we get the paint,” says David. Michelle nods. “I agree. Let’s see what else we can learn on this blog before we start.”