How To Prepare A Room For Painting So You Have Less Mess To Clean

You Can Make The Post Paint Clean Up Less Of A Process So You Have Less Work To Do
Drop cloths are a huge part of how to prepare a room for painting

The worst part of any project is the clean up after you’re done, especially when it’s painting. Learn how to prepare a room for painting to make it easier. It all starts with clearing the room of as many objects as you can.

You can find out the other steps to making cleanup easier in the post below.

Not After Last Time

“No way, if I’m painting the room then you’re cleaning it this time.”

Jess raises an eyebrow as though Chris is challenging her. He just doesn’t want to paint a room because last time there was a lot of mess to clean up.

“Are you sure you don’t want to hire a painter to paint our room? They can take care of everything,” Chris asks.

Drop cloths are a huge part of how to prepare a room for painting

“You know what, I will clean up after you’re done painting. But, I just need one thing from you- help me move the heavy furniture out of the room,” Jess replies.

Chris agrees, thinking he’s home free and that Jess will finally understand why painting a room sucks.

What he doesn’t know is that Jess has looked up how to prepare a room for painting.

Here is what she found on preparing a room for painting.

5 Things To Do To Prepare A Room For Painting

  1. Clear the room of any objects you can
  2. Move any furniture left to the center of the room and cover it with a tarp
  3. Unscrew any outlet and light switch covers
  4. Put painter’s tape around windows, doors, and baseboards
  5. Lay down drop cloths
Preparing a room for painting by moving the furniture out
Photo by Sunset Removals – creative commons license 2.0

“Well, there’s all the objects out of the room and the furniture in the middle, just like you asked,” Chris says, feeling satisfied. “Now I’ll get to painting.”

“Hold on,” Jess replies. “I’m not done preparing the room for painting yet.” Chris frowns, not quite understanding. He shrugs his shoulders and walks out, telling Jess he can help her if she needs it.

She pulls out her phone for more details on the other steps for how to prepare a room for painting.

Painting a wall in a room

Finishing The Room Prep

Jess throws a tarp over the furniture in the room, thinking about how glad she is she doesn’t have to deal with taking down a ceiling fan.

For ceiling fans remove the blades and cover the fixture with plastic. For recessed lights remove the bulb and pull down the fixture trim a little bit. Release the cover and tape plastic over it. Hanging lights should have a cover plate that slides down.

“Now I need to… unscrew the cover plates so paint doesn’t get on them.” Jess tapes the screws onto the backs of the outlet covers and puts them into a Ziploc bag.

Next comes the painter’s tape. Jess doesn’t want to have to clean paint off any doors, windows, baseboards, or anything that isn’t supposed to have paint on it.

Her last step is to lay down drop cloths on the floor to catch any stray paint.

“Chris! I hope you’re ready to paint now!” Jess calls out. Chris comes in with the paint and tools and gets to work.

Everybody Do Your Share

Not too long after Chris finished painting does Jess walk out of the room, cleaning finished. “How did you do that so fast?” Chris asks in awe. “I prepared the room for painting a lot better than you did the first time. Now, let’s move that furniture back in, shall we?”

“First, let’s see if I’ll need to learn how to touch up wall paint,” Chris admits.