How To Paint Vinyl Siding Using The Best 5 Step Process

This Is The Process We Advise Professionals and DIYers In Vista, California Follow
Man painting vinyl siding with a sprayer

How to paint vinyl siding starts with proper prep. After that, it’s like painting any other siding. You’ll want to use the best paint though!

Find the process and best paint below-

DIY? Are You Sure?

“It’s painting some vinyl siding, how hard can it be?” scoffs Michelle.

David looks a little confused. “Do you even know how to paint vinyl siding? As far as I know, neither of us is all that good at doing home projects.”

Michelle rolls her eyes. “Anyone can slap paint on a wall. If anything it’ll be a fun activity we can do together. We’ll get outside in the fresh air and sunshine too.” David sighs. “Let’s at least look up the steps first. If it doesn’t seem possible we can look at the cost to paint a house exterior.”

Michelle sighs and nods. “Ok, if it seems like too much we can look at our other options. Until then…” she whips out her phone and starts searching Google for answers.

Here’s the 5 step process she finds:

How To Paint Vinyl Siding In 5 Steps

Painting a home exterior
  1. Prepare your house exterior for painting
  2. Wash your vinyl siding clean
  3. Scrape any loose paint off
  4. Repair any damages
  5. Paint with 2 coats of a 100% acrylic paint

What You’ll Want To Know About These Steps

Preparing your house exterior for painting is more than just masking windows and putting down drop cloths. It’s also about choosing the right time and temperature to paint. 

Man painting home exterior with roller

Washing is very important to do before you paint vinyl siding. It gets rid of all the dirt and grime. This would get between the paint and your home, causing peeling and cracking. The same goes for loose paint and damages.

Damage is worse than the others. It needs repairing before painting or it’ll damage the paint. Paint can make any damage easier to see. Plus, it’ll get worse if you just paint over it and be more expensive to fix later.

The Best Paint For Vinyl Siding

A 100% acrylic paint is the best paint for vinyl siding. It sticks well, looks good, and is quite durable. It’s best to use two coats of paint for maximum effectiveness.

Now, vinyl siding does warp if it gets too hot too often. Most painters recommend staying away from darker colors unless they’re vinyl safe. This is more proof you’ll want to know the best temperature to paint in. Nobody wants their paint peeling right after they put it on.

You May Also Like To Know

“Can we do it? Yes. Do I have the time and energy? No,” says David flatly. Michelle sighs and nods in agreement. “Well, then let’s look up other things to tell the paint contractor when we talk about our project.”