How To Paint Stucco Homes In 9 Steps For A Fresh New Look

You Can Improve The Look Of Your Stucco Home In Vista California Using These 9 Steps
How to paint stucco walls like this man

You can learn how to paint stucco so you can freshen up the look of your home. You’ll also find some great tips to make it easier and turn out better.

It’s all in the post below-

Stucc-o On You

“Ok Lionel Richie, well played hahaa.”

Ben grins as he continues his joke. “Got this feeling down deep in my soul that you want the house painted, now I’m oooonnn my waaayyy.” Megan breaks down laughing.

“Ok, ok, that’s good. Whew. But really, we need to paint our stucco walls. The paint is old so it’s fading and even peeling a bit in a few areas,” Megan points out.

how to paint stucco walls a new color like this beige

“Yeah, you’re right. But, hey, we can paint it one of the more popular exterior colors in Vista!” Ben says excitedly. “I’ll look up how to paint stucco and get right on it.” He pulls out his phone and looks for a process that seems right.

After some searching, he finds these 9 steps-

9 Steps To Painting Stucco

  1. Clean off your stucco home with a pressure washer
  2. Caulk any cracks and repair other damages
  3. Allow stucco repair product to dry
  4. Put painter’s tape around door and window trim
  5. Paint on one coat of exterior masonry primer and let it dry
  6. Lightly apply paint around the door and window trim with a brush
  7. Paint the rest of your stucco home with the roller
  8. Let it dry and paint at least one more coat
  9. Carefully remove painter’s tape

“Wow, these are some detailed steps. I feel like I can do this!” Ben says. He scrolls down to find some tips on how to paint stucco.

Tips For How To Paint Stucco

“These tips will come in handy for sure.”

You may only need a stiff brush or push broom to clean your stucco home walls. If it’s really dirty, your exterior walls may need pressure washing while your interior walls may need a vacuum. Cleansers can be used on mold, mildew, etc.

“If I use those cleansers or pressure washer I’ll need to let the walls dry,” Ben notes.

Use masonry caulk for repairing hairline cracks in stucco walls. You can repair larger cracks using a putty knife and a dry stucco repair product. Follow the instructions on the packaging.

Father and daughter painting stucco walls

The best type of paint and primer for stucco homes are acrylic ones. They stick better to stucco than other types of paint.

“I wonder what some of the best exterior paints are for this area,” Ben wonders. He makes a note to find out later.

Plan on having to use more paint than you think. Stuccoes textured surface gives it more surface area which means you’ll need more paint than if it were a flat wall.

Start painting your stucco walls by using a brush to get the edges. Then use a thick nap roller for the rest. The more texture your stucco walls have the thicker your roller nap will need to be.

Roller grid and roller

When painting, have a roller grid inside your paint bucket to help get the right amount of paint onto the roller. Dip the roller, roll it lightly against the grid, and you’re good to go!

“But when rolling the paint on don’t press in very hard or you may see roller lines appear,” Ben reads. He makes note of that so he can avoid it.

Lastly, don’t forget to protect your home or plants by putting down drop cloths!

More Resources For You

“Awesome! Now I can get started,” Ben says, walking toward the garage. “Wait! Let’s look into home painting a little more. There might be even more tips and advice that can make this process easier,” Megan says. Ben nods his agreement and the couple pulls out their phones to do some more research.