How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets Beautifully In 9 Steps

You Can Create A Professional Finished Look For Your Vista Kitchen Cabinets
How to paint kitchen cabinets beautifully

You can use these 9 steps on how to paint kitchen cabinets to transform your kitchen. Create a brand new feel for one of the most popular spaces in a home today. Once you do you might not recognize your kitchen as yours (in a good way).

I Don’t Want To Pay For That!

“Sure we could, but I really don’t want to pay for that.”

Austin crosses his arms and wrinkles his forehead in an almost-frown. Anna keeps trying to convince him but he won’t let her, not this time. She wants to completely remodel their kitchen because of its dated look and feel.

Austin thinks it’s fine, or at least good enough that it doesn’t need a full remodel. Right now she’s giving him that look…

“Ok, compromise: instead of a full remodel, let’s paint the cabinets,” he concedes. Anna thinks about it for a moment before saying “Well, it’s a start I guess. Let’s try it out and see what it looks like.”

Austin wants to see if he can DIY it so he gets out his phone and looks up ‘how to paint kitchen cabinets’ on Google.

Here’s what he finds (along with 3 popular kitchen cabinet colors for San Diego).

How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets In 9 Steps

1. Learn about your kitchen cabinets
2. Prep the space
3. Empty cabinets
4. Remove doors and drawers
5. Repair any damages
6. *Clean and sand cabinets
7. Clean kitchen cabinets
8. Prime
9. Paint

*Instead of sanding you can apply liquid deglosser

Austin needs to know a little more than just this if he’s going to try painting kitchen cabinets on his own. He scrolls down to see if there are any details.

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More On Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Learning about your kitchen cabinets means knowing what they are made of, what paint or stain they have on them, and if they have any damages.

You can paint over painted cabinets, but if the paint is in poor condition we recommend using a paint stripper, brush, and plastic peeler to remove it before painting.

Prepping the space involves clearing off the counters, removing everything from the cabinets, and setting down drop cloths/tarps.

Removing kitchen cabinet doors is part of the painting process

When removing the doors and drawers you may want to label the parts and put any smaller screws in labeled bags. This makes putting them back together easier.

Repair any cracks or dents before you paint. If you don’t they may show up through the paint and become more noticeable. Wood filler and a putty knife can heal most damages.

Crack in kitchen cabinet needs repairing before painting can begin

Clean then sand the cabinets to give them texture for the paint to stick to. It also helps with any uneven parts. You can also use a liquid deglosser instead of sanding. If you do sand them make sure to clean them again so no sawdust gets under the paint.

Prime the cabinets and then paint them with an angled brush for the detail work and a mini roller for the larger areas.

Then your cabinets could go through a transformation like this:

Cabinet Painting In San Diego - BeforeFinished Cabinets In San Diego

Austin’s Next Action

Austin thinks carefully about what he wants to do next. He’s thinking he’ll try painting the kitchen cabinets on his own and see how they turn out.

If he, or more importantly Anna, doesn’t like them, then he’ll hire a professional kitchen cabinet painting service.