How To Paint A Wall Successfully In 9 Simple Steps

You Can Learn Wall Painting Techniques And More So Your Walls Can Look Amazing Again
Painting a wall with a roller

You can learn a 9-step process for how to paint a wall. There’s also a video showing you how to successfully paint walls using a roller. 

See the video and more below-

It Looks Like Fun

“All the videos and pictures show couples having a great time painting their walls.”

Michelle sighs. “Wouldn’t you rather just hire someone to paint it? It’ll be easier and probably end up looking better than if we do it.”

Couple using rollers to paint a wall

David puts on the puppy dog eyes. “But it could be fun if we do it. Plus, then we can have the satisfaction of doing a home project with our own hands.” Michelle frowns. “Well, why don’t we look up the steps for how to paint a wall. We can see if it’s something we can do first.”

David’s face breaks into a huge smile. “Yes! I already found 9 steps to do it on this painting contractor’s blog. Also a post on how to touch up wall paint if we mess up.” He whips out his phone and pulls up the page to show to Michelle.

Here is the 9 step process he shows her-

9 Steps To Painting A Wall

  1. Clear the wall and area around it
  2. Lay down drop cloths
  3. Use painter’s tape on anything you don’t want paint on
  4. Clean wall
  5. Repair any damages
  6. Sand repaired areas
  7. Clean wall
  8. Apply primer
  9. Apply 2 coats of paint

Here’s a video on how to paint a wall using a brush and roller:

Link to video (courtesy of howtopaintinfo) on YouTube-

“That doesn’t seem too bad,” David says. Michelle squints her eyes. “Scroll down a bit, I think there’s more information on how to paint a wall.”

Details You Won’t Want To Skip

You can learn all about how to prepare a room for painting. These steps can make the process of painting and cleaning up easier. One nifty tip is to remove outlet covers, light switch plates, thermostats, and anything that is on your walls. Put anything with screws in a plastic bag so nothing gets lost or separated.

Painting a wall

When learning how to paint a wall you’ll also need to know how to apply primer. Use a brush to get corners, crevices, and other hard to reach places. Use long, continuous strokes and then smooth it out by brushing in multiple directions. Wait for it to dry. Painting over wet primer can cause smudging, which means repainting.

You can use self-priming paint if you want to skip this step, but it may not be the best idea for your walls. Separate primer tends to hold up better.

Painting a wall

As for the brushing technique, we like to dip our brushes about 2 inches into the paint and let the extra drip off. We then brush around the edges, making sure to brush out the paint so there is no chance of runs.

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“I think we should give it a try. It could be fun listening to music and using our hands to improve our house. Plus it’s not like we’ll be losing out on too much if we end up having to hire a pro anyway,” David points out. Michelle nods. “Ok, let’s do it. While you get the tools and materials I’m going to do some more reading on house painting.”