This Is How Often You Should Paint Each Part Of Your House

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How often you should paint your house depends on the area

Depending on what you’re painting, how often you should paint your house is 2-10 years. Each space is different and you can find out when it needs painting. Kitchens, bathrooms, exteriors, and more.

You can learn when they need painting in the post below-

How Long Has It Been?

“I…I’m not sure. Time just flies by sometimes.”

John continues to think about how long it’s been since they’ve had any part of their home painted. Kim can’t remember either, which is why she asked.

Painting a house interior

“How often do we need to paint our home? I’m sure it’s different for kitchens, living rooms, the exterior, and other rooms,” John thinks aloud.

“Let’s look it up on Google,” Kim suggests.

She gets out her phone and looks up ‘how often should you paint your house’ on Google. Here is what she finds-

How Often To Paint Your House

Painting professionals say you should paint your house every 2 to 10 years. Paint kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways every 3 years, living and dining rooms every 6 years, bedrooms 2 to 8 years, and exteriors 5 to 10 years. The time depends on how much traffic your house has and the climate you live in.

How to paint kitchen cabinets beautifully

“Looks like we have a few areas that need painting,” John notes.

“I wonder why this is,” Kim says as she scrolls down to find out why these are the times for how often you should paint your house.

Kitchens, Bathrooms, And Hallways

“Wow, this actually makes a lot of sense.”

Kitchens need painting often

These 3 areas see a lot of action. Kitchens and bathrooms see a lot of moisture and heat, both of which wear paint away. Kitchen walls can also become stained from food.

“Also think about how much time we spend in our kitchen. It’s probably the most used room in our home, especially when we’re in there with our friends,” Kim realizes.

Bathrooms need painting a lot more often than most other rooms

Hallways see a lot of foot traffic. Furniture scrapes walls, hands touch and run along them, and the list goes on. You can usually get away with just touching them up instead of repainting them entirely.

Living Rooms And Dining Rooms

“I thought it’d be shorter, like kitchens and bathrooms.”

Painting a wall

Living rooms do see a lot of traffic. It’s a fun place to hang out and spend time together. The difference is furniture and decor keep people away from the walls. Though, furniture like couches can scrape against walls.

Formal dining rooms don’t usually see much use and thus need painting less often.

“We do use our living room a lot. Our dining room, not so much,” John points out. Kim nods as she scrolls to the next section.


“Why the 2 to 8-year range?”

Bedroom with recently painted walls

It depends on whose bedroom it is. Kid bedrooms usually need painting more often because they are messier. As they grow their tastes will change and their bedroom decor will too.

Adults are better with their rooms and thus need to paint them less often. “This is too true, we know all too well haha,” the couple laughs.

Kim scrolls to the last area for painting.

The Exterior

“There’s a lot of factors for how often to paint this part of the house.”

Painting a stucco house exterior

Type of exterior, climate, previous paint job, and more factors determine how often you should paint your house. Hopefully, the last painter used the best paint for exteriors on your home.

“I hope they did too!” John says firmly. “Is there anything else to know?”

Kim scrolls down to find out.

How Often To Paint Other Areas In Your House

“I didn’t even think about these areas!”

How to paint kitchen cabinets beautifully

Unless you’re dancing on the ceiling like Lionel Richie you can wait about 10 years to paint your ceilings. You can paint a ceiling in 7 steps.

“That’s a great song reference right there haha,” John laughs

Trim and baseboards need repainting every 3 years. Baseboards see a lot of bumps and kicks over the years, along with the occasional spill.

Let’s Get Painting! Or, Not

“We can either paint the rooms that need it ourselves or we can hire someone to do it for us,” Kim lays out. “We can try the interior on our own but I think we should leave the exterior to the pros. Mostly because we have a 2-story house,” John suggests.

The couple starts looking into the cost to paint a house exterior in San Diego.