3 Popular Exterior Paint Colors For Houses You’ll Want Right Now

Find The Perfect New Color For Your Home In Vista, California
This shade of white is a popular exterior paint color for houses

Once you see the ways in which white, red, and beige exterior paint colors for houses look, you’ll be hiring a painter in no time.

See how they look in the post below-

Finally Time For A Fresh Look

“This is wonderful, David! I’ve been waiting for this for years!”

Michelle can’t keep the smile from spreading across her face. She’s been hinting at painting the outside of their house with one of the popular exterior paint colors for a long time now.

It’s finally happening!

“So, what color or colors do you think we should get?” asks David. Michelle whips out her phone. “I could tell you but I think it’d be better if I show you. Then you can see them for yourself and help me make a decision. It is our house, after all. After that, we can look for an exterior painting service.”

Michelle pulls up a page on the internet with the 3 exterior paint colors for houses she thinks would work well.

Here is what she shows David:

Popular Exterior Paint Colors For Houses

The 3 popular exterior paint colors for houses in the Vista, California area are shades of white, red, and beige. These colors pop out without being too glaring and they can help increase your curb appeal.

Pavilion in a backyard also painted a popular exterior color for houses

Shades Of White For Your Exterior

White is a classic and timeless exterior paint color for homes.

It matches just about every color. This means your plants will look good and stand out with the white background. You also won’t have to repaint shutters or roofs to match.

Another house exterior painted white

Certain shades of white can give your home a warmer tone in the sunshine and a cool, subtle glow in the moonlight.

Shades Of Red For Your Home

We’re not necessarily talking bright barn red here.

Reddish stucco home painted a popular color

Reddish hues ranging from dark red to lighter shades of pink are taking the Vista, California area by storm! The warmer tones are welcoming and easy on the eyes. They also match well with the terra cotta roofing popular in this area.

Beiges As A Popular Exterior Paint Color For Homes

Beige can be a slightly tricky color, but pull it off and it’ll be worthwhile.

This color gives a warm, welcoming feeling to those pulling up to it. It also provides the ideal backdrop for colors like the greens of grass and other plants. They make each other stand out more and it can look amazing.

Homes in San Diego painted a beige color

As a general rule, warmer beiges match better with reds and browns while cooler beiges tend to complement certain blues and silver.

Using complementary colors with your beige exterior keeps it from looking too uniform and boring.

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“So, what color do you think we should get?” Michelle asks. “I really like the beige color. But before we decide, let’s do a little more research first,” David suggests.