The True Cost To Paint Kitchen Cabinets In Vista California

Learn How Much People Invest In Painting The Kitchen Cabinets In Their Home
The cost to paint kitchen cabinets in Vista California

The cost to paint kitchen cabinets usually starts out at $55 per linear foot. This is on the cheap end of the spectrum too.

Find out what the range and the average price is in the post below-

It’s Really Common

“We get asked cost questions all the time.”

Brook leans forward in her chair. “Why though? I mean, I understand that cost is important, I just want to know your thoughts.”

Paint your cabinets using only the best paint for kitchen cabinets

Travis takes a moment to stretch as he collects his thoughts. “Houses are one of the biggest investments people make in their lives. As such, they work to keep it looking good. This includes painting kitchen cabinets.”

Brook frowns in thought. “And because of this, when their home starts looking bad they start looking for solutions. Then they have questions like what’s the cost to paint kitchen cabinets.”

Travis nods. “And since I’ve been painting houses since before starting this company in 2013, I feel like I can properly answer their questions. Another one I get asked is what the popular colors for kitchen cabinets are.”

Brook smiles. “Well, tell me, how much does kitchen cabinet painting cost?”

The Cost For Painting Kitchen Cabinets

The average cost to paint kitchen cabinets is about $65 per linear foot. On the low end, it can cost $55 per linear foot. High-end kitchen cabinet painting is about $90 to $110 per linear foot.

“What can make the price land outside these ranges?” Brook asks.


Factors Affecting The Price

The size of the kitchen cabinet area is the main factor in the cost to paint kitchen cabinets. Larger kitchens need more time and materials than smaller ones.

Price can also be affected by how the contractor chooses to charge you. Some use linear feet while others go per cabinet box, door, drawer, etc.

How to paint kitchen cabinets beautifully

Then there’s job complexity. If the layout is complicated (tight angles, confined spaces, etc) then it can make the process of how to paint kitchen cabinets harder. They might even need to use a different one. Another example is painting over stain or repainting can have different costs depending on what’s needed.

Then comes the materials. You can choose a lower-end paint but it may not look as good or last as long. Higher quality paints may be more expensive but they should make your kitchen cabinets look better for longer. You’ll want to use the best paint for kitchen cabinets.

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“That’s great! Thank you for sharing that with me. Is there anything else I should know about house painting costs? Or something else painting related?” Brook asks.