Cost To Paint A House Exterior In San Diego Right Now

Here Are The Factors That Can Change The Cost Of Painting A House Exterior
Cost to paint a house exterior may change if you DIY

The answer is actually the same everywhere: it depends. What you can know for sure is what causes the cost to paint a house exterior in San Diego to change. For example, whether you live inland or by the beach can change the price.

You can find the other factors in the post below:

We’ll Never Find It

“Woooww, looks like we have a Negative Nancy over here.”

Nancy rolls her eyes at Elroy’s comment. She knows he doesn’t mean it in a bad way, but she really doesn’t think they’ll find anything about the cost to paint a house exterior.

Searching Google for exterior painting costs

“Show me then, Elroy. Let’s see if we can find anything about pricing for house exterior painting on Google,” Nancy says, throwing down the gauntlet.

“Sounds good to me,” Elroy fires back, accepting the challenge. He slides out his phone and searches for exterior painting costs on Google.

Here is what he finds.

The Costs Of Painting A House Exterior

  1. Who you hire
  2. Job complexity
  3. Materials
Man painting home exterior with roller

“As for an actual price, it says it can range from…wow,” Elroy pause in surprise. “Well, what does it say about the cost to paint a house exterior in San Diego?” Nancy says impatiently.

“It can be anywhere from $4,000-$20,000 and higher,” Elroy says in disbelief. He scrolls down to look into the factors that make this cost range a reality.

1. Who Ya Gonna Hire?

“It’s not going to be any ghostbusters.”

Travis Irwin and his van

Professional painters with teams, vans, people answering the phones, and other real business aspects are going to cost more. They also have all their processes in place and follow them for every job, prep work and all.

This versus the guy using his garage as headquarters and his sedan as a painting van

“Seems like a better investment to choose a company that’s more legitimate than a guy in his sedan,” Elroy notes.

He scrolls down to the next factor affecting the cost to paint a house exterior.

2. Job Complexity Raises Price

“Complexity can mean a lot of things.”

Smaller or medium sized stucco

Size is the most obvious part that can raise the price. Larger houses take more labor, time, and materials. This increases even more if there are any damages to the house. Any damages need fixing before painting or it can ruin the look.

“I mean, at least we’ll find out if our house is broken anywhere,” Elroy shrugs.

Gray brick exterior on house

The type of siding affects cost too. Stucco, brick, wood, and other sidings need different processes and paints. If it hasn’t been painted in a while that can affect the cost too. If it’s peeling then that’ll need to be scraped off first and that can be tedious.

Don’t forget about color! Refreshing the color versus changing it (possibly to one of the popular exterior colors for San Diego county) can change the cost.

Track homes

“Yeah, those sound like they’d make a paint job harder to do. It’s no wonder they raise the cost to paint a house exterior,” Nancy says in agreement.

The couple scrolls down to the next pricing factor.

3. Materials Raise The Cost To Paint A House Exterior

“This one is pretty obvious.”

The higher the quality the higher the price. BUT, better quality paints tend to last longer and look better than lower quality ones.

Materials can change the cost to paint a house exterior

“So, if we use higher quality it might actually be better and cheaper in the long run. Our house will look great and we won’t have to paint it as soon. Less disruption in our lives too,” Elroy points out.

For areas like San Diego County, living on the coast and further in can affect the cost too. Homes nearer the coast need a stronger, more durable paint.

“And we live right on the beach, so that’s going to increase the cost to paint our house exterior,” Nancy sighs.

The Cost Of NOT Painting Your Exterior

“We really do need to, it’s been too long. If you look closely you’ll see how bad it is,” Nancy says in a final attempt to get Elroy to listen. “If this keeps up it’ll look worse AND cost more to fix later.”

“I hear you hon, and you’re right,” he agrees. “Let’s schedule an exterior painting consultation.”