How Much It Really Costs To Have A Bathroom Painted Beautifully

People In San Diego County Are Investing This Much To Create A Look They Love For Their Bathrooms
Cost to paint a bathroom so it looks as good as this one

Bathrooms are where people go to relax, to escape from the world for a while. This is why people want them to look good, and getting it there usually starts with finding out prices.

In this post, you can find the cost to have a bathroom painted. You can also discover the main reasons the cost changes.

It Just Looks…Old

“You’re saying our bathroom is past its prime?” asks Michelle.

David nods, forehead wrinkled in thought. “It sure is. Our bathroom looks like it came out of a magazine from a decade ago. I feel like it’s time to bring it into the 21st century.”

Michelle looks at him worriedly. “But what about the cost to paint a bathroom?” David’s thoughtful frown jumps up into surprise. “I actually hadn’t gotten that far. I wanted to see if it was something you’d consider before I jumped into researching.”

“Aw, I really appreciate that,” smiles Michelle. “Let’s get on good ol’ Google and see what we can find out! Worked when were looking up how contractors paint a bathroom.” The couple takes their phones out and starts searching.

Here’s what they find out:

The Cost To Paint A Bathroom

Bathroom with painted walls

The cost to have an average size bathroom painted is about $240, $450 if you include the ceilings and millwork. What mainly changes the cost is size, what you’re having painted, any color changes, damages, and paint quality.

What Mainly Causes Bathroom Painting Costs To Change

Gray walled bathroom

Size. Larger bathrooms have more to paint. This can add to labor and materials. It can also add to the total project time depending on your painting contractor.

What you’re having us paint. Painting drywall is one thing, but tile, showers, and other surfaces can add to the cost to paint a bathroom. Different surfaces need different types of paint and maybe processes. This adds materials and can add time and labor.

Color change. Keeping the color the same is much easier. Painting a new color can make things a little trickier, which can add to the cost.

Damages. It’s best to fix any damages we see before starting. Damages can lessen the paint’s life, plus damages only get worse and more expensive over time. If we find any during the project we’ll stop and talk with you about where to go from there.

Paint quality. Higher-quality paints are more expensive, but they tend to look better and last longer. Using lower-quality paints usually just means hiring a painter to come to repaint earlier.

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“So, where do go from here?” asks Michelle. “I saw we take a look at more bathroom blog posts. Better to know a little too much than not enough,” suggests David.