These Are The Best Types Of Paint To Use For Kitchen Cabinets

When You Use The Best For Your Kitchen Cabinets You Can Enjoy Them More For Longer
A hand painting kitchen cabinets with a brush

We can tell you love your kitchen because you’re reading this post. It shows that you want the best for your kitchen (we do too).

In this post, you can discover the best paint to use on your kitchen cabinets. You’ll also find out whether it’s better to use oil or latex. Finally, you’ll find some paint recommendations from us.

How Did This Happen So Quickly?!

“It hasn’t even been that long and they already look worn down,” complains Michelle.

“So, you’re finally seeing what I’ve been talking about,” says David as he walks into the kitchen. Michelle nods, a sad look on her face.

“Our kitchen cabinets aren’t looking too good. Did the contractor use the best paint for kitchen cabinets?” complains Michelle.

David shrugs. “Must not have. Guess we should’ve waited to hire someone better, even if it cost more. Now we have to go through the whole process again. Or, just deal with it.” Michelle shakes her head and takes her phone out. “I’m looking up which paint to use right now.”

David nods in agreement. “Perfect. That way we can use it when following the steps to painting kitchen cabinets or make sure whomever we hire is using the best. Don’t want to deal with this again for a few years at least.”

Here’s what the couple ends up finding:

The Best Paint For Kitchen Cabinets

Newly painted white kitchen cabinets

The best paint for kitchen cabinets is anything shiny. This includes semi-gloss and high gloss paints. They’re better at resisting heat and moisture than other paints. You’ll find they’re easier to clean, look prettier, and their color doesn’t dull or fade as quickly.

Even with these paints, higher-quality ones work way better than the cheap stuff. They should help keep the paint from cracking or peeling too soon. This means you won’t have to paint or have someone paint them for a while.

Is The Best Paint For Kitchen Cabinets Oil Or Latex?

White kitchen cabinets with glass doors

Latex paint is better than oil for kitchen cabinets. Oil paints are durable, easy to work with, and easy to clean. But they have volatile organic compounds (VOCs), take 16 hours to dry, and can yellow quickly. Latex paints are less risky, take 2 to 4 hours to dry, and give a more even finish.

The volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are chemicals that are bad to breathe in over time. They can cause headaches after painting, put your family at a higher risk of developing asthma and allergies, and all sorts of bad things.

A Few Recommended Paints For Kitchen Cabinets

These are a few brands and the specific paint we use:

  • Fine Paints Of Europe- Eurolux Acrylic Paint
  • Farrow And Ball- Full Gloss Paint
  • Behr- Alkyd Semi-Gloss Enamel Paint
  • Valspar- Cabinet Enamel Semi-Gloss Latex Interior Paint

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“We even have some actual paint recommendations! This is great, what’s next?” asks Michelle, eyes shining with excitement. David chuckles. “Next, we keep digging for info so we don’t have as many surprises as last time.”