Best Exterior Paint We Use For Coastal And Inland Homes

Find Out What Paint You Should Use For Your Home In Vista California
Exterior pavilions like this one need the best paint for exteriors

The best exterior paint for homes in this area is one that won’t fade or peel quickly. It will look good for a long time too. The actual paint differs based on where your house is.

Find out what they are in the post below-

Not Hiring Them Again

“I can’t believe it happened this quickly.”

Nick’s glare could peel the rest of the paint off the exterior of his home. But that’s nothing compared to the fiery look on Sarah’s face.

Preparing a house exterior for painting with the best exterior paint

“The paint on our exterior looks awful. It’s embarrassing! We’re not going to hire whoever you found to paint it to come to fix it.” Nick turns beet red. “Well, uh, you see, it was me that painted it. So, uh, let’s hire a pro to do it this time.”

Sarah turns sunset red. “Oh, well, it’s great you tried! Not many people can say that. What do you think the problem is?”

Nick sighs and shakes his head. “I probably didn’t use the best exterior paint for our home. Let’s see if we can find out if there even is one.”

Nick takes out his phone to look it up. Here is what he and Sarah find-

The Best Paint For House Exteriors

The best exterior paint is Sherwin Williams Duration Exterior when painting inland homes. For houses on the beach, you’ll want to use Sherwin Williams Resilience. Both paints have mildew-resistant coatings, lifetime limited warranties, and come in several colors. Resilience has early moisture resistance so it’s stronger.

“Hmm, I wonder what else there is on these paints,” Travis mutters into his hand. He scrolls down to find out.

House exterior with the best paint for exteriors on it

Sherwin Williams Duration Exterior Paint

“There’s enough colors that almost anyone can find one they like.”

At over 1,000 different colors there should be! You can create pretty much any look you want for your home exterior. The best part is that it will stay looking good for a long time.

Reddish stucco home painted a popular color

Duration is one of the best exterior paints. In science terms, it has advanced acrylic co-polymers that help it last longer. It’s self-priming, mildew resistant, and you only need 1 coat when repainting. It dries quickly, touches up well, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

“They even have a review of this paint on here!”

Sherwin Williams Duration Paint Review

“In terms of durability, the paint performs very well. I use it exclusively for all my exterior painting projects…repainting the exterior with Duration will reduce future repaint costs…prefer it over less expensive options like Super Paint.”
– Matt G, Professional Painter

How to paint stucco walls with the best exterior paint like this man

“This sounds like a great paint choice! It is expensive, but if it lasts longer than other paints then you don’t have to repaint as often,” Sarah points out. “The only downside is the cost. Looks like it’s best to buy it during a sales event,” Nick notes.

The couple scrolls down to learn about the best exterior paint for coastal homes.

Sherwin Williams Resilience

“Early moisture resistance is important why?”

Beaches are wet. The moisture in the air is high and if most exterior paints get wet they get ruined. Not Sherwin Williams Resilience though!

Track homes in San Deigo freshly painted

This paint becomes moisture-resistant quickly. It’s flexible and works on aluminum, vinyl, wood, clapboard, shakes, shingles, masonry, and some metal. It comes in flat, satin, and gloss sheens.

“Here’s a review on this paint.”

Sherwin Williams Resilience Review

“…one of if not the most durable paint on the market…extremely easy to apply…It flows and levels perfectly for a smooth silky finish…resists moisture in half the time, allowing for early morning job starts and completion in humid or stormy weather.
– House Painting Guide

Father and daughter painting stucco walls with the best exterior paint

Now To Find…

“We know the best exterior paint for coastal and inland homes now! Our next step is to find a painter who uses or will use them,” Nick says.