The Best Exterior Paint For Coastal Homes And Inland Homes

These Are The Paint Brands We Use For Beach And Other Homes In Vista, California
The best exterior paint for exteriors used on this pavilion

The best exterior paints for coastal homes and inland homes are ones that have mildew-resistant coatings and lifetime limited warranties.

Find the brands and more below-

We’re Not Hiring Them Again

“I can’t believe it happened this quickly,” sighs David.

He looks over to see how Michelle’s taking the peeling paint on their home. He freezes as he sees her glare, which could peel the rest of the paint off.

“The paint on our exterior looks awful. It’s embarrassing! They definitely didn’t use the best exterior paint for coastal homes. We’re not going to hire whoever you found to paint it to come to fix it.”

David turns beet red. “Well, uh, you see, it was me that painted it. So, uh, let’s hire a pro to do it this time. Maybe I should’ve looked up Benjamin Moore vs Sherwin-Williams.” Michelle turns sunset red. “Oh, well, it’s great you tried! Not many people can say that. What do you think the problem is?”

David sighs and shakes his head. “Like you said, I probably didn’t use the best exterior paint for our home. Let’s see if we can find out if there even is one.”

David takes out his phone to look it up. Here’s what he and Michelle find:

The Best Paint For Coastal Homes

Track homes in San Diego freshly painted

Sherwin Williams Resilience is one of the best paints for coastal homes. It has mildew-resistant coatings, lifetime limited warranties, and comes in several colors. It also has early moisture-resistance. This basically means the paint sets more quickly so the moisture in the air can’t ruin it as easily.

This paint becomes moisture-resistant quickly. It’s flexible and works on aluminum, vinyl, wood, clapboard, shakes, shingles, masonry, and some metal. It comes in flat, satin, and gloss sheens.

Sherwin Williams Resilience Review

“…one of if not the most durable paint on the market…extremely easy to apply…It flows and levels perfectly for a smooth silky finish…resists moisture in half the time, allowing for early morning job starts and completion in humid or stormy weather.

– House Painting Guide

The Best Exterior Paint For Homes

Another house exterior painted white

The best exterior paint is Sherwin Williams Duration Exterior when painting inland homes. It also has mildew-resistant coatings, lifetime limited warranties, and several colors to choose from. This paint has advanced acrylic co-polymers that help it last longer.

It’s self-priming, mildew resistant, and you only need one coat when repainting. It dries quickly, touches up well, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Sherwin Williams Duration Paint Review

“In terms of durability, the paint performs very well. I use it exclusively for all my exterior painting projects…repainting the exterior with Duration will reduce future repaint costs…prefer it over less expensive options like Super Paint.”

– Matt G, Professional Painter

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“If it’s good enough for professional painters it’s good enough for us!” says David. Michelle smiles and shakes her head. “Yeah, but maybe we should look for more information before you start painting again.”