Benjamin Moore vs Sherwin Williams- Which One Is Best?

Which Of These Paint Brands Will You End Up Using On Your Vista Home?
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In the Benjamin Moore vs Sherwin Williams debate, the winner is…both! These paint giants make cheap and excellent paint.

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It’s Like Talking Sports

“Look, both brands are good so there’s not really a way to tell which is better,” says Michelle.

David and his friend, Thomas, turn to look at her. “Sherwin-Williams is way better,” David starts. “Benjamin Moore is the clear winner,” Thomas says at the same time. They turn to glare at each other.

“Fine, hold on, I’ll Google which is better,” Michelle huffs. This is just like the best bathroom paint debate all over again, and she’s heard enough arguing over paint.

Michelle gets out her phone and starts looking while the two friends start arguing again. “Here,” she says finally. “I found an answer.”

Here is what she shows them:

Benjamin Moore vs Sherwin Williams

The best paint brand in the Benjamin Moore vs Sherwin Williams debate is both of them. Each company makes excellent paint and cheap paint. One brand might be a little better at some things, but overall they’re basically the same. PPG is another good paint brand.

Benjamin Moore sign with logo

Why These Are The Best Paint Brands

These two paint companies have the best paint. They can research and develop better paints because they have the money to do so. There’s a paint for almost every project you can do.

Sherwin Williams sign with logo

Both companies also have good customer service, though Sherwin-Williams’ is better.

The main difference is who owns them. Sherwin-Williams stores are all corporate-owned. Benjamin Moore stores are all owned by locals.

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“See? It’s more about the quality of the paint, not the brand,” Michelle summarizes. “But Sherwin-Williams has better customer service,” David points out. “And Benjamin-Moore stores are all locally owned,” Thomas says back. Michelle rolls her eyes and keeps looking through the website as the friends start arguing…again.