7 Steps To Painting An Amazing Ceiling

You can make your ceiling look fresh and amazing again.

But it won’t be easy.

Paint dripping down, your arms getting tired, and messing up just means more of the same problems.

At least you won’t have to be like Da Vinci and paint the Sistine Chapel ceiling while hanging from it.

We don’t think anyone should suffer through painting their ceiling.

So we want to make that process easier.

You can make your ceilings amazing again using our 7 step process.

First, let’s see the tools and materials you’ll need.

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Tools And Materials

  • Hat
  • Safety glasses
  • Ceiling/Primer paint in one
  • ½″ or ¾″ nap for textured ceilings
  • Low nap roller for smooth ceilings 
  • Roller extension (optional)
  • 2-2½ inch brush
  • Bucket
  • Drop cloths
  • Ladder

How To Paint A Ceiling In 7 Steps

1. Find out what type of paint is on your ceiling

    • you can paint over oil with acrylic paint

2. Prep the room for painting

    • Move furniture, lay down drop cloths, etc

3. Apply painters tape around the edges

4. Prime the ceiling, which is only necessary if it is:

    • bare drywall
    • stained or repaired
    • bare wood
    • a high-gloss finish
    • an extreme color change

5. Paint in 4’ x 4’ sections starting in a corner

    • Use your brush to paint the edges
    • Start a few inches out from the edge and paint inwards towards the tape (cutting in)

6. Use your roller to paint that section

    • Roll one way first in straight lines, covering an entire section. Then roll the opposite direction.
    • Quick transitions from brush to roller help prevent lap marks
    • Roll a little slow so the paint won’t splatter

7. Use a blank roller and lightly smooth out the paint after you finish a few sections

How To Paint A Ceiling Without Roller Marks

You can lessen or avoid roller marks by feathering the edge.

This means as you roll the paint on, you lighten the pressure so the paint isn’t as thick.

Then it’s goodbye to paint buildup and roller marks.

Enjoy Your “New” Ceiling

Now you should have an awesome looking ceiling with no roller marks. What color did you or will you paint it? Let us know in the comments below!

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