3 Of The Best Painting Companies Around Vista, California

We want you to have a great paint job just as much as you want one. You should also have a great experience as a customer while getting one, but that doesn’t always happen.

Not every painting contractor focuses on customer experience as they should. It can be harder to enjoy something if getting it is a pain in the neck, and that includes home improvement projects.

You don’t have to go through the pain to get a good paint job.

The following painting companies have great reviews that point towards a good experience as well as a fantastic final product. Who knows, you may end up hiring one of them.

Award for the best painting companies in Vista California

Brad Stoner Painting

Owner and founder Brad Stoner moved to the area in 1981. 5 years later he started Brad Stoner Painting company in Vista, California. The only work he could find at first was painting local apartments.

Now his company paints commercial and residential spaces all over the area. Their Google reviews point to them being one of the better painting companies in Vista and the surrounding area.

Procoat Painting

Procoat Painting has been servicing Vista and the entirety of San Diego County for over 25 years, a feat they are certainly proud of. They strive to operate at the highest industry standards to provide the best product a painting company around Vista can.

Their reviews on Google show that they can back up their words.

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SR Painting

Sam Rogers, owner and founder, was tired of hearing how contract painters were terrible at their job. Poor customer service and low-quality paint jobs are not the marks of a good painter. So he decided to break the cycle.

Since 2000, SR Painting has painted over one thousand homes in the Vista area and his customers are happy.

Irwin Painting

Timeout, hold up, why are we on our own list right now? It may seem self-serving, but in reality what we want more than anything is to help you (even if you don’t hire us).

The reason we made this list is to hopefully help people like you find quality painting contractors. This means more than just a great finished product, it’s also the experience you get with them.

We at Irwin Painting know we will give you quality in both product and experience, much like the other painting companies around Vista that are on this list.

Just check out our reviews:

Google Review
5 Stars

“We are extremely happy with the painting of our house that was done by Irwin Painting.  Travis Irwin is honest, trustworthy, and does whatever is needed to ensure his customers are happy.  The quality of work is high and they are willing to make any changes/adjustments at your request.
Mr. Irwin made the process as easy as possible for us and was always available to answer questions…It was the best quality at the best price…I will continue to use Irwin Painting for all of my painting needs and would highly recommend Irwin Painting to anyone that is searching.”

  • Penny Duarte

Will You Choose One Of These?

Whether or not you choose a painting company from this list, we want you to actually enjoy having your house painted. We believe these companies can give you exactly that.