You’ll Love These Best Paints For Bathroom Walls, Cabinets, And Other Areas

We Love These Paints Because Our Clients In San Diego County Can Enjoy The Look Of Their Bathrooms Better For Longer

We think it’s great that you’re trying to become an informed consumer! Bathrooms need certain paints or they’ll crack, peel, or fade too quickly. Since this room has high heat and humidity, the paint is usually the first casualty.

In this post, you’ll discover the best paint for bathroom walls, bathroom ceilings, bathroom cabinets, bathroom countertops, bathtubs, and showers.

It’s Unappealing

“Hon, I think our bathroom is peeling!” Michelle calls out.

David walks into the bathroom. “Show me.” Michelle points out where the damage is. David sighs. ”Jeeze, what kind of paint did they even use for it to peel this quickly?”

Michelle frowns. “I don’t know, but obviously it isn’t the best choice. It doesn’t look too bad so we can probably look up how to touch up wall paint and do it ourselves.” David sucks his teeth. “We can, but it’ll just be a band-aid. The rest will start peeling eventually, so we’ll have to repaint the whole thing sooner rather than later.”

Michelle groans. “How about you look up the best paint for bathrooms. I’m going to contact our contractor to let him know he needs to come and fix this.”

David nods as he gets his phone out and starts looking. Here is what he finds:

The 3 Best Bathroom Paints

Woman painting her bathroom

The best paint for bathroom walls and ceilings is a combination of latex, mildew-resistant, and a semi-gloss finish. For bathroom cabinets, it’s a glossy, 100% acrylic enamel formula. For bathroom countertops, tubs, and showers, it’s a flat sheen epoxy paint.

The Best Paint For Bathroom Walls And Ceilings

Gray walled bathroom

The best paint for bathroom walls and ceilings is latex, mildew-resistant, and has a semi-gloss or satin sheen.

Latex paints are easy to work with and don’t peel easily in high heat and humidity (aka bathrooms). Mildew-resistant, well the meaning’s all there. This doesn’t mean mildew can’t form, it’s just harder for it too. The semi-gloss and satin sheens make cleaning easier and they also don’t peel easily.

Other paints can crack and peel more easily, stain and damage more quickly, and be harder to clean.

The Best Paint For Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom with white painted cabinets

A glossy, 100% acrylic enamel is the best paint for bathroom cabinets.

It breathes more easily, meaning that as temperatures go up and down the paint will adjust instead of cracking or peeling. It also won’t fade as easily as some other paints might.

The Best Paint For Bathroom Countertops, Tubs, And Showers

Bathroom countertop about to be painted

The best paint for bathroom countertops and bathing areas is epoxy with a flat sheen.

Epoxy is more durable against everyday wear and tear than other types of paints. It holds up better against heat and moisture too. Flatter sheens are better because they’re less slippery.

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“Great, now we know what paint to make sure our painter uses,” says David dryly. Michelle nods, muting her phone. “I’m talking to him about it right now, I’ll let you know what’s happening.” David nods, turning back to the blog post to see what else he can find out.